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A new way to garden

Pest-free, hands-off, and self-sustainable

What is aeroponic gardening?

We grow our food using just air and water

As opposed to traditional soil, aeroponic gardening is the process of growing plants in an environment comprised of just water and air. Water travels from the 20-gallon base up to the top, where it then cascades down in a waterfall fashion to nourish our seedlings. A relatively hands-off system, our aeroponic garden successfully produces even for people like me, someone who does not have a green thumb and can't take care of a plant to save her life.

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Illustration credit: Tower Garden

tower garden diagram

Our Harvest

Here are a few things we’ve successfully harvested from our own garden!

rainbow chard
garden harvest

Why start gardening?

It feels good to be self-sustainable

And it enables us to stay safe. What with COVID-19 still running rampant in the U.S., thanks to our garden we no longer need to make a risky trip to the store just to buy fresh produce. We have successfully grown rainbow chard, jalapeños, dinosaur kale, multicolor spinach, arugula, sweet basil, and gourmet lettuce.

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